Leather watch box or wooden watch box?

Leather watch box or wooden watch box?

So the question is "Would you prefer a leather case to a wooden case, or vice versa?
The most obvious reason might make us prefer a leather one is the weight. However, a wooden case has its own aesthetic element that many ones still go for it.

Same function, same design and same structure, will the only different in material and weight give you a hard decision.

In my opinion, the leather case belongs the modern theme while the wooden case is more vintage.
It would be a perfect match if I store all the leather watches in a leather case and the stainless steel ones in the wooden case.

Overall, it depends on different tastes to decide between a leather and wooden watch case. You prefer a lightweight case to store most of your leather watch, I would recommend a leather case. Otherwise, if you prefer a vintage collection, a wooden case is suggested.

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