The Luxury Look - Hexabesco Ballpoint Pen

The Luxury Look - Hexabesco Ballpoint Pen

Hexabesco is the high-end ballpoint pen collection which Wancher just released a few months ago. I think this is the most out-standing ballpoint pen in their collection currently.
I was firstly impressed by the carving goldfish design on the pen body, which is believed to be hand-made.

Hexagonal shaped brings the pen a refined look and I think this is the main reason why hexagonal ballpoint pens are always preferred over others. On six surfaces of the pen, similar goldfish patterns are carved into brass body. Around the goldfish, there are water plants (called 水草 Mizukusa in Japanese), they are also delicately engraved into the surface.

Except for the engraving part, rest of the barrel has a hairline finish which is mostly seen in Japanese fountain pen. This is how the hairline finish looks like.

Hexabesco grip has a shiny look because of the palladium coating.

Refill can be easily changed by twisting out the upper part of the barrel. This ballpoint pen can take Parker Standard, Pelikan 337, Platinum BSP-400, Aurora Tungsten, Schmidt P 900, Delta D900, and Monteverde 900 refill.

Hexabesco comes in beautiful black silk case with all papers from manufacturer.

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