Pilot Custom 91 & 74 Exchangeable

Pilot Custom 91 & 74 Exchangeable

You might have known three very popular Custom models of Pilot, which are Custom Heritage 91, Custom 74 demonstrator and Custom 74, but do you know that they are exchangeable for each other?
Yes, we can absolutely change the nib from one to another.

This is Custom 74, model: FKK-1000R

This is Custom 74 demonstrator, model: FKK-1MR-NC

This is Custom Heritage 91, model: FKVH-1MR

All of these three nibs are 14kt, number 5 nib and have the diameter of 14.7 mm.
This is how it looks like when I change the nib to a different pen body.

This is Custom 74 demonstrator body with Custom 74 nib section.

This is Custom 74 body with Custom 74 demonstrator nib section.

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