Urushi Maki-e Fountain Pen Body

Ebonite Maki-e Fountain Pen Body
Made by Wancher Japan

This might be one of the very last Wancher fountain pen bodies.
What I like the most is the beautiful Maki-e design for each of the three editions.
The pen body is made from Ebonite wood.

The cap is not equipped with clip, which makes it a beautifully special one from any angle.

There are three designs in this collection, including: Goldfish, Cigar Red and Mother of Pearl.
Mother of Pearl uses the Raden Maki-e method which you might have seen in the Yukari collection of Namiki.

The Maki-e on Cigar Red body is made by dipping the pen body into maki-e and finished with urushi lacquer.

Goldfish design is said to be made by the hand drawing and I can feel it right away since I can see some slight difference in the drawing of different pieces.

To get one piece of this pen it takes me almost 1 year waiting for the production from manufacturer. Normally I have to contact Wancher before to make a reservation since they don't produce this in high quantity, only a few pieces are made every year and there is also a chance that they might stop this soon in the future.

Let me know if you have any question about this pen body!

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