Wancher Crystal Demostrator Fountain Pen, Double Compact Mechanism

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This week I am bringing you guys one of the most popular fountain pens from Wancher Japan, Crystal Demonstrator collection.

Let's see how Mr. Taizo Okagaki came up with the idea of this beautiful collection. Nowadays, it's really easy to find a demonstrator fountain pen with good prices, but finding a good one is not simple. For Mr. Taizo Okagaki, using fountain pen means you do care about details and any of the fountain pens you use plays some important part in your life, it somehow becomes your companion along the way. Therefore, picking one suitable fountain pen is really worth.
How many fountain pens do you have? How many of them convey a special meaning? And what kind of image do you want your pen to show?
Owning one of these crystal fountain pens can answer you those question. This is the reason why:

Emerald: Love, Romance and Prosperity.The magic essences of the Emerald make it a symbol for inspiration and “enjoying life to the fullest”. Emerald brings and enhances harmony and protection.
Fire Opal: Vitality, Creativity and Imagination.
The magic of Fire Opal connects with sensuality and brings spiritual supports to healing.
Light Smoke Topaz: Success and Fortune.
Light Smoke Topaz also represents peace, love and fruitful relationships. The spiritual energy of Topaz carries to its owner hope and health.
Indigo Sapphire: Intuition, and Hope.
Sapphire is believed to bring joy, peace as well as mental and physical power to its owner. Wherever there is sapphire, there is hope there.
Smoky Quartz: Centering, Good Luck and Grounding.
Smokey Quartz carries a protection which removes all negativity from its owner. You are relieved from stress, anger, fear. Transforming negative emotions into positive energies is one of the power of smoky Quartz Crystal.

Choosing the color thus becomes more important as you each stands for a different meaning and represents your dream or desire in life.

Fire Opal
Indigo Sapphire
Smoky Quartz
Light Smoke Topaz

Filling system is another special feature: This pen can use with converter, cartridge and eyedropper. This is a huge convenience for you whenever any of the options is not available.

Gary at Engeika